How long will only the police have the right to work and live in Zagreb?


While the assassins smoothly cross the border and leave the corpses in Zagreb, Zagreb police and their colleagues from PNUSKOK (and the secret services) are still obsessively hunting for one man only.

It is now more than obvious that Agram operation is not aimed at clearing up the corruption and crime in the city services and Holding, but the only objective of this operation is to put Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić (photo, during first arrest) back in custody.

In doing so, the police use methods that transcend the Croatian law, but also the European jurisprudence. It should be noted that the European Court of Human Rights agreed with the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who claimed that the Italian justice system ‘’is set to fix his wagon’’.

In fact, no one in Europe, this includes Croatia which has officially become part of the European Union, should be discriminated against. Not even in the police persecution. The task of the police force is to investigate crime and catch criminals, but the job must be applied equally to everyone.

In PNUSKOK’s Agram operation, however, the police allow a lot to slip under their radar if they believe that it cannot lead to new charges against Milan Bandić or if the accusations could bring the SDP party to court along with Milan Bandić. The police investigations which are blocking the city administration and Zagreb Holding for months are very careful not to expand in those directions that could take the SDP to court under the charges of being a criminal organization.

By avoiding the SDP and politicians that are close to SDP, the police is carrying out a powerful psychological pressure on all people that are close to Bandić, and this pressure is so strong that it is highly questionable whether it is constitutionally allowed regardless of the recent changes to the Criminal Procedure Act that gave extensive authority to the investigators and significantly limited the rights of suspects’ or defendants’ layers.

Take, for example, yesterday’s arrests. Miljenko Benko and Ivan Markus, former director of the Čistoća utility service and former head of public procurement in Holding were detained yesterday, but they were released the same day. Tomislav Jukić was also detained, one of the directors of Gradatin company, but his questioning is scheduled for today, and the prosecution has announced that they will ask for remand.

Tomislav Jukić’s son is getting married tomorrow and the police investigators were well aware of that fact. If Jukić wants to attend his son’s wedding, he will have to offer something to PNUSKOK. And the investigators, as we have already said, are only interested in Milan Bandić. So, if he doesn’t provide something against Milan Bandić, even if it were a false statement, Jukić will obviously not be able to attend his son’s wedding tomorrow.

Thatgave him something to thinking about all night while he was awaiting questioning. Recently the police spent hours in Holding investigating one invoice for HRK 847 which was issued for public relations services by the owner of a small PR agency from Zagreb who is also a well-known singer. This former singer, now a spokeswoman, is a close friend of one of Bandić’s associates in the city government, who often runs with him and records videos and photographs of him and publishes them on his profile on social networks.

Both women are mothers of young children and Bandić’s associate is also divorced and mostly raises her young son alone.

Why do we mention this? Recently a scene occurred in a cafe owned by Jakov Bienenfield and this is probably what made this man join Bandić’s political party in defiance and even become its vice president.

Here’s what we were told by one of their family friends:

– While Martina, who is the director of Zagreb Tourist Board, was drinking coffee in a cafe owned by Jakša, at Cvjetni trg, two men sat behind her. They pretended that they didn’t recognize her, but they spoke loud enough for her to hear them. One of them asked the other if they had enough evidence to arrest Martina Bienenfield. The other answered loud enough that he hopes that they have because she is ‘’the mother of small children and, moreover, has a seriously ill husband and that in custody she will soon own up to everything.’’ Martina froze and immediately ran away crying – we were told by that friend of their family who described the range of police methods that those who collaborate with Milan Bandić are subjected to.

Let’s get back to yesterday’s case. Gradatin company won a tender by which they should gain the extended leasing for the trucks used by Čistoća company three days before the first time Bandić and his associates were detained. This tender, however, was canceled by Pero Kovačević who took over the public procurement procedure since Ivan Markus was also arrested. Kovačević believed that this tender was unfavorable for the City and he did not carry it out but instead, a few months later, he managed to get 10 trucks more and for 40 percent less cost for Holding.

For those who do not remember, Pero Kovačević is a former member of HSP party and Milan Bandić brought him to Holding himself. At that time almost all Croatian media objected to the conflict of interest. Also, Kovačević was, in fact, City Assembly representative and sometimes he would jump to the aid of the Zagreb SDP when they lacked a voice for some decisions.

But this was when Milan Bandić was the president of Zagreb SDP. Still, Pero Kovačević, whom the media proclaimed corrupted, proved to be one of the best and the most honest human resources solutions. Through the legal department of Holding which he works for he personally exposed fake diplomas in Holding and by his work he put an end to numerous shady dealings in public procurement. This one was just the most recent in a series.

However, while Bandić was in custody Pero Kovačević was subjected to tremendous and everyday
pressure to carry on with the tender which was won by Gradatin. Pero Kovačević was pressured by Sandra Švaljek and Danijela Franić, a current member of the Holding’s Board for Legal Affairs, and at that time the acting Chairman of the Holding’s Board (she took this position after the chairman of the Holding’s Board Slobodan Ljubičić ended up in custody). They were telling him that by refusing to put out that tender he will do a lot of harm to Holding since Gradatin’s lawyers were already threatening to sue them. But Kovačević would not let it.

Danijela Franić went as far as reducing Pero Kovačević’s wages, although it turned out that by his determination he saved a considerable amount of Holding’s money and Gradatin’s lawyers haven’t press charges against Holding and most probably never will.

During yesterday’s arrest Sandra Švaljek and Danijela Franić did not show up at the City Assembly, although there are were supposed to be there by nature of positions that they hold. But, as we have found out unofficially, there were not questioned by the police or the Attorney. PNUSKOK and State Attorney’s Office obviously have no interest in finding out whether they also abused their influence.

They are only interested if Milan Bandić did that.

PNUSKOK’s employees have investigated in detail all contracts and activities that lawyers from Zagreb made with Holding and the City. Apparently hoping to find large amounts of money that Marijan Hanzeković or Vjekoslav Krsnik might have received from the city or Holding, they were disappointed when they discovered that the largest amounts were received by some other people.

One lawyer, who is a close friend of Danijela Franić and her common law husband Slavko Kojić, held a record and apparently during last year only he earned 8 million Croatian kunas representing the city and Holding. But PNUSKOK and DORH showed no further interest in that story and earnings.

Incidentally, people from the city administration who remained faithful and close with Milan Bandić are not even speaking to Slavko Kojić for a long time now.

Many of them have told us clearly:

He works for Ranko Ostojić! We have repeatedly asked Slavko Kojić about that and he has always answered in disgust that his former friends are falsely suspecting and accusing him.

In such an atmosphere where no one trusts anyone and everyone is afraid of the slightest oversight that could lead to police investigation the easiest method is to do nothing.

Thus, for months now, in the city administration and Holding company even the most ordinary
documents or acts are not being signed even though they are crucial to many companies in Zagreb that cooperate with them, and the claims made by ordinary citizens are also not being signed.

This is why the citizens of Zagreb cannot legalize their houses, connect to water or electricity, or solve their basic existential problems.

Some are losing jobs, others even their lives. The question is how long can people withstand this siege by Zagreb police because in this police hunt after Milan Bandić the citizens are becoming larger, and the only, victims each day.

Soon, if this paranoia continues, only the police officers will have a job and a roof over their head in Zagreb. And orthodox politicians.