Indian court pauses Italian marines’ trial after UN tribunal order


Athens (dpa) – The interim government of Greece’s caretaker premier, Vasiliki Thanou, has been sworn in Friday, ahead of snap elections to take place on September 20.

The cabinet’s first act was to approve the decree to dissolve parliament. The decree was signed by President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who officially announced the date for new polls, marking the beginning election compaign, state televison ERT1 reported.

According to the latest opinion survey by the left-wing Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper, 25.5 per cent of voters are undecided as to whom they will support.

Former premier Alexis Tsipras however has edged ahead of his opponents, with 23 per cent of voters backing his SYRIZA party. The conservative New Democracy party is a close second with 19.5 per cent.

A rebellion in the ruling SYRIZA party prompted the resignation of Tsipras last week, hours after the debt-stricken country received the first payment from its third bailout in five years.

The SYRIZA party leader said he needed a strong mandate going into talks about further reforms to the economy.

Meanwhile, the interim government has been formed with a view to stability. The most important positions have been taken on by trusted experts with cross-party backing, interim Premier Thanou said.

The Ministry of Finance is to be led by Giorgos Chouliaraki, who has been a steady player in years of negotiations with Greece’s creditors.

Long-serving diplomat Petros Molyviatis, 87, has been named foreign minister.

The cabinet will remain in office until the conclusion of new elections.