1,000 refuges have crossed from Croatia into Slovenia


Some 1,000 refugees crossed from Croatia into Slovenia by noon Friday, Slovenian media have reported, and according to the Slovenian news agency STA, an additional number of migrants are likely to try and enter Slovenia bypassing official border crossings later in the day and in the night between Friday and Saturday.

Official reports on migrants entering Slovenia can be expected later on Friday.

Several dozen special police forces have already been deployed to the Slovenian region bordering Croatia. The police have said they have are equipped well to cope with the situation and ruled out deployment of army troops.

An official in the Slovenian interior ministry was quoted as saying that in the coming days, Slovenia could smoothly control the arrival of some 500 refugees daily, which means that it could provide accommodation for 5,000 in the next 10 days.

Makeshift reception centres are being erected in Slovenia. “The Slovenian Interior Ministry has recently released a list of facilities which would be used in case of an inflow of refugees from the Middle East. The listed facilities would suffice for more than 2,000 people,” the STA said.