34,000 migrants enter Croatia; 13,000 refugees pass through Botovo

Since Friday, nine trains and 27 buses with 13,000 refugees have passed through the northern border town of Botovo and who were directed to an illegally border crossing at the border with Hungary.
In the night between Monday and Tuesday another two train full of refugees arrived in Botovo and the 2,500 refugees who arrived continued on foot to the border with Hungary, two kilometres further down the road.
Red Cross volunteers and citizens and police in the area have said that they are at their wits end as refugees are continuing to pass through the town and there is no time to rest up.  Another train is expected to arrive in the town on Tuesday afternoon.
The Croatian Interior Ministry on Tuesday reported that a new group of 2,400 migrants entered Croatia overnight which brings the total of those who have entered the country since the start of the refugee crisis to 34,900.
The ministry notes that transport is being organised for migrants who are being transferred to the temporary reception centre in Opatovac where currently 1,630 migrants are staying.
Around 5,100 migrants entered the country during Monday and by 10 am on Tuesday around 1,160 had left the country.  The largest number of migrants are located around Tovarnik and Ilok in eastern Croatia.
The border crossing to Serbia at Bajakovo is closed to all freight traffic and a queue of about 20 kilometres toward Croatia.