Josipa Rimac resigns from post of Knin mayor

The mayor of Knin, Josipa Rimac of the opposition Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, has resigned from her post so as to be able to focus, as the manager of the HDZ’s election campaign, on preparations for the coming parliamentary elections.
“I am confident that the HDZ will win the elections and as of this moment I am absolutely focused on them,” Rimac told Hina.
She said that her deputy Nikola Blazevic would take over the office of Knin Mayor and that she would continue to lead the HDZ branch in Knin.
Rimac added that next week she would be sworn in in the national parliament where she will take the place of HDZ MP and Preko municipality head Anto Jerolimov who resigned from all his posts after state prosecutors indicted him for document forgery.