Australian bikers arrested while buying ice-cream have case dismissed


Five members of an Australian bike gang charged with illegal public assembly had their case dismissed Monday after a court heard that they were queuing to buy ice-cream, local media reported.

It is illegal in the state of Queensland for three or more members of a criminal organization – which includes several bike gangs – to gather in a public place.

The five men were arrested while they were on holiday with their families on the Gold Coast in January 2014, the Courier Mail reported.

They spent two weeks in police custody before being granted bail.

When the court was told they were arrested while buying ice-cream and police presented no evidence of a crime to the court, the magistrate dismissed the charge.

“Their only sin, their only crime, was to buy an ice-cream in a public place – the great controversy here was whether it was going to be choc top or vanilla,” their lawyer Bill Potts, who has campaigned against the anti-association laws, said outside the court.

The Queensland government is reviewing the anti-biker laws, brought in by the previous state administration.