Chinese duo behind alleged US green card marriage scheme arrested


US authorities Wednesday arrested a Chinese father and daughter accused of orchestrating as many as 70 sham marriages between Chinese looking for visas and US citizens in need of cash, according to media reports.

US immigration authorities raided the Pasadena, California, offices of Jason Shiao and his daughter, Lynn Leung, and arrested the pair on charges of conspiracy to commit visa fraud, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Chinese nationals allegedly paid Shiao and Leung as much as 50,000 dollars to arrange marriages to US citizens in financial distress, including some who were homeless, according to the report.

According to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the pair orchestrated fake wedding photos and Las Vegas honeymoons, and provided bogus couples with fake financial documents as “proof” of their history together.

The immigration fraud charges carry a possible sentence of five years in prison.