Croatia expected to take 1,064 migrants


Under the European Commission’s new draft proposal for the relocation of 120,000 migrants and refugees currently in Greece, Hungary and Italy, Croatia is expected to receive 1,064.

Under the document, Croatia should receive 138 migrants and refugees from the 15,600 in Italy, 447 from the 50,400 in Greece and 479 from the 54,000 in Hungary, a total of 1,064 and not 3,000 as recently speculated by media.
The Commission is expected to present the proposal in the next few days. This still being a draft, the final version might look different.
Under this draft, Croatia is expected to take 0.89 percent of the migrants currently in the three countries bearing the biggest refugee brunt.
The Commission used four relocation criteria – a member state’s population, GDP, average number of asylum seekers per million in the 2010-14 period, and unemployment rate.
The biggest brunt is to be borne by Germany, expected to take over 26% of the 120,000 migrants and refugees, and France (20.3%).
In July, Croatia adopted a decision to take 550 of the 40,000 migrants in Italy and Greece. This was part of the first relocation intended to relieve Greece and Italy, which were then the most exposed to migrants arriving from the Middle East and north Africa. Now Hungary is exposed too given that the migrants, instead of crossing the Mediterranean, are using the western Balkans route to reach the EU.
The member states have still not agreed on the relocation of those 40,000 migrants. In July, they agreed on the relocation of 32,000.