Croatia expected to take in 1,614 migrants under latest EC proposal

According to a European Commission (EC) proposal, Croatia should take in 1,064 migrants from Greece, Italy and Hungary, which in addition to the 550 the government agreed to take in in July, means 1,614 people.
During his first State of the Union address before the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, EC President Jean-Claude Juncker called for the emergency relocation of 160,000 refugees. Juncker called for a second emergency mechanism to relocate 120,000 refugees from Italy, Greece and Hungary in addition to the initial 40,000 people seeking international protection from Italy and Greece.
According to the proposal, Croatia would take in 138 refugees from Italy of a total of 15,600 currently located there. It would take in 447 refugees from Greece and 479 from Hungary or a total of 1,064.
Almost half the number of the 120,000 refugees would be taken in by Germany (31,443) and France (24,031). Great Britain, Denmark and Ireland are exempt from common asylum policies and are not on the list of recipients.
The Commission wants quotas to be binding. In the case of the previous proposal for the distribution of 40,000 refugees, member states did not agree on the binding character of the quotas. Member states have volunteered to accept 32,000 and 8,000 refugees still need to be provided for.
The two largest member states, Germany and France, advocate making the quotas binding, which significantly increases the chances that the EC proposal will be adopted. EU ministers of the interior are expected to meet on Monday in Brussels to decide on the issue.