Croatian MEP finds it necessary for Bosnia to amend Dayton Agreement


Participants in an international conference organised in Mostar by the Paneuropean Union, including Croatian Member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula,  on Saturday called for accelerating Bosnia and Herzegovina’s journey towards Europe and for amending the Dayton Agreement which was described as a hurdle on that journey.

MEP Picula said that the Dayton peace accords that provided for the current Bosnian Constitution often pushed the country into “a schizophrenic situation.”
The Dayton Agreement is an excellent document that stopped the war in the country, but it fails to facilitate efforts to build a modern multinational country, said Picula, a Croatian member of Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.
He believes that it is necessary to seek new solutions for Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding its EU membership bid, and that priority should be given to rearranging Bosnia’s constitutional structure.
Alain Terrenoire, the incumbent President of the Paneuropean Union, said that the Dayton Agreement offered slim chances concerning the efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina to draw closer to the European Union, and that the country needed proper government and parliament such as are present in modern democracies.
Europe should help Bosnia and Herzegovina to do away with the Dayton Agreement and to embark on the right path which will bring it closer to the EU, he said.
Croatian MEP Dubravka Suica said in her address to the press that both Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union must move on regarding Bosnia’s EU aspirations.
The international conference on the topic “Bosnia and Herzegovina between Dayton and Brussels: From the Dayton Agreement to the Stabilization and Association Agreement” was taking place in the southern city of Mostar from 11 to 13 September.