Croatian PM says refugee quotas acceptable, walls not


Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Friday it was acceptable that the European Commission should define refugee allocation quotas and the member states accept them, but that it was unacceptable to erect walls and fences to stop immigrants in their quest for a better life.

“The European Commission in Brussels is working out the numbers for the reception of refugees and I don’t find this unacceptable, that they set quotas and states accept them. We are willing to talk about it,” Milanovic told reporters in Ludbreg when asked about media reports saying that Croatia would have to take in 3,200 refugees instead of 500.
He said the refugees were highly motivated to come, work, create and be part of the community. He said he realised they were not interested in Croatia, but Germany, Austria or Sweden, but added that Croatia could not hide or turn away from reality.
As for Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s plan to build a wall on the Croatian border too, Milanovic said Orban had “weird views.”
“Orban is talking about a threat against Christian values in Europe. As if, I don’t know, Muslim hordes which are less worthy were coming. However, one per mille of the European population is coming and they are people very motivated to succeed and be here and that’s evident. They are dying for a chance at success. I don’t believe in fences. They aren’t the enemy and the wall won’t help Hungary at all. People will go around it,” Milanovic said.