Croatian teachers continue strike as unions reject government’s letter of intent


The strike in the education and science sector will continue on Wednesday, union leaders announced on Tuesday afternoon after rejecting a letter of intent from the government.

The letter says that the Ministry of Education will discuss, with each of the three unions separately, proposals to improve the financial and social status of education and science sector employees but after the appointment of a new government and as permitted by the state budget, adding that the government will seek to define the pace of implementation of the proposal before the adoption of a state budget for 2016.
Had they signed the letter, the unions would have undertaken not to exercise their right to strike before the adoption of the 2016 budget.
The unions dismissed the letter as “a humiliating and frivolous offer”, saying they would continue their strike, which they began last Friday, demanding a 4% pay rise for employees in the education and science sector.
Science and Education Minister Vedran Mornar said: “We want to continue talks. We think that education is important and we stick to our position that salaries should be raised, but I repeat, we cannot do that a week before we even formally become an interim government and put this burden on the next government.” He said that his ministry was seeking a postponement of talks for two months.