EU debates “Hungarian refugee quota”

Hungary does not wish to participate in the mechanism to distribute 120,000 refugees and so European member-states are discussing various models to distribute 54,000 refugees who need to be relocated from that country, sources from the Luxembourg EU Presidency reported on Monday.
Earlier this month the European Commission put forward a proposal to member-states for the distribution of 120,000 refugees currently staying in Greece, Italy and Hungary. According to the proposal, 15,600 refugees in Italy, 50,400 in Greece and 54,000 in Hungary are to be relocated over the next two years.
Hungary does not wish to participate in that programme stressing that it is not the member state where refugees first enter the EU.
EU interior ministers are set to meet on Tuesday to discuss two possible options.  One is that Hungary’s quota be allocated to Italy and Greece and the other option calls for a flexible formula that would allow any country that wishes and that meets the set requirements to be included in the programme, namely that it has in its territory such a large number of refugees that it cannot handle. Unofficial sources have mentioned the possibility of Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany having refugees relocated from their territory in addition to Italy and Greece.
Interior ministers are faced with a series of open issues, one of which is the option of introducing a compensation mechanism to be imposed on countries that do not wish to accept refugees. The EC proposes a solidarity clause under which those countries would pay 0.002% of their Gross Domestic Product into the EU budget. Under another option, countries not wishing to take in refugees would be obliged to pay 6,500 euro for each refugee of the planned quota.