HDZ calls for closing border, consolidating situation

The Presidency of the opposition Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Thursday called for the temporary closure of the border with Serbia and for consolidating the situation with refugees, after which the reopening of the border could be considered.
“We are very concerned about the uncontrolled entry of large numbers of refugees that significantly exceed what the government had announced. There is confusion and chaos on the border with Serbia,” Presidency member Gordan Jandrokovic told reporters after a session of the Presidency, adding that his party feared such developments could have serious consequences for the country’s stability and the security of its citizens.
“We ask the government to take appropriate measures, the more so as we had been warning in recent weeks that things like this could happen. There was no serious preparation or organisation and today we have a situation that is getting out of control,” said Jandrokovic, underlining that the HDZ wanted the border with Serbia to be temporarily closed and the situation to be consolidated, after which the reopening of the border could be considered.
Asked if that meant that like Hungary Croatia, too, should deploy police in fields and on all border crossings, Jandrokovic said that Hungary was not the only EU country that had closed its border.
He stressed that his party expected Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and other government members to talk with their colleagues from Western European countries so that as many arriving refugees as possible could continue their journey to those countries.