HDZ: Croatia continually falling in competitiveness

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) member of the European Parliament Ivana Maletic on Wednesday warned that the World Economic Forum (WEF) report on global competitiveness for 2015-2016 indicates that Croatia is continually on a downturn as opposed to other countries in southeast Europe or the EU as a whole, urging the government to stop deceiving the public by presenting economic indicators according to which the situation in the country is fabulous.
Speaking at a press conference, Maletic said that all countries in southeast Europe were ahead of Croatia, even those countries that joined the EU in the fifth round of enlargement, adding that in the latest WEF report Slovenia had advanced by 11 places, Slovakia by 8 and the Czech Republic by 3 places.
She warned that economic growth of 1.2% was below that of all EU member states from southeast Europe and that with that growth rate, Croatia had dropped from 21st place to 23rd place this year.
Maletic added that the WEF’s worst assessment related to the government and the quality of governance – transparency, clarity, precision in decision making, the quality of resource management, etc. She added that in that segment Croatia had ranked 71st in 2011 and this year it was in 121st place.