HDZ leader says gov’t has opened border to Balkans, closed it to EU


Tomislav Karamarko, leader of Croatia’s main opposition party, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), said on Sunday that the government had proven to be completely unprepared for migrants entering Croatia in large numbers in recent days on their way to western Europe and that with its policies the government “has opened the country’s border to the Balkans and closed it to the European Union.”

“The Dublin protocol as well as various EU protocols on emigrants are being violated. Croatia has opened its borders to the Balkans and closed them to the EU. God forbid that there is an epidemic. At the same time, Croatians are afraid. Life here has come to a halt and it is questionable if children will continue attending school,” the HDZ leader said during a visit to the easternmost town of Tovarnik on the border with Serbia, the first point for migrants entering Croatia.
He said that he had come to Tovarnik as the president of the biggest political party and as “the person who will have to deal with all these problems in a few months.”
Karamarko noted that deploying army troops along the border was not necessary if the arrival of migrants was controlled.
“However, their arrival now is uncontrolled and they are not being registered.”
Karamarko also considers problematic the lack of cooperation with neighbouring countries. “Croatia will accept quotas for the reception of refugees and provide those people with everything they need. However, the government’s not being organised lowers that humanitarian standard as well, it’s raining and dozens of thousands of people are getting ready to move on,” he said.