HDZ official says PM’s statements were vulgar

Croatian Democratic Union member of Parliament Gordan Jandrokovic said on Wednesday that the ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP) was obviously about to conduct a dirty election campaign in which, he said, his party would not participate, describing statements Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic made in an interview on Tuesday as vulgar.
“I would describe Mr. Milanovic’s statements yesterday as vulgar. That is not the way a Croatian prime minister should communicate and we believe that Croatia deserves a much better, more decent communication and a more decent prime minister. The intention is obviously to sling mud at political opponents,” Jandrokovic told reporters in the parliament, adding that his party would not take part in the SDP’s mudslinging.
PM Milanovic yesterday described HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko as a political coward, saying that he would be an agent for foreign banks when they decide to complain about the government’s solution to the problem of holders of CHF-indexed loans, and he also objected to Karamarko’s not speaking English.
Jandrokovic said that the HDZ would very soon present its economic platform which would include a response to what he described as a very serious situation the incumbent government was leaving behind.