HDZ says extraordinary session govt. manoeuvre to dissolve parliament

An MP of the opposition Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) said on Wednesday that the government’s request for an extraordinary parliamentary session was not in line with the standing orders because it was not submitted in writing and explained, and that this was a “government manoeuvre to have parliament finally dissolved.”
Davorin Mlakar told the press the laws whose passage the government said was the reason for the session “go into force on 1 January 2016,” so there was no need for an extraordinary session. He said the reason was “something else… This is evidently a government manoeuvre to have parliament finally dissolved so that we can finally embark on the (parliamentary) election.”
Pedja Grbin, an MP of the ruling Social Democrats (SDP), said next week’s extraordinary session would be followed by a regular session on September 15, beginning with Question Time. “It will last several weeks. I can’t tell you whether two, three or four,” he told reporters but would not comment on speculation on an election date. “When all the necessary laws are adopted, parliament will be dissolved, within the constitutional and legal deadlines.”
Igor Kolman of the ruling coalition’s People’s Party (HNS) said he did not know the election date nor when the HNS would sign a new coalition agreement with the SDP, but that it would be signed in the next few days. He said the election would be held soon and that he did not “have the impression that there is any expectation to dissolve parliament immediately” at next week’s extraordinary session.