Julio Iglesias still passionate about singing at 72


Julio Iglesias, the Spanish singer, has sold up to 300 million records worldwide over the span of his career that reaches back to 1968. He spoke with dpa about what he expects will be his last studio album, being recorded in Mexico.

Spanish singer Julio Iglesias is 72, but he retains a young man’s energy and charm, as he visits Mexico to launch an album dedicated to the North American country.

“I have been coming to Mexico for 46 years, and the Mexican option comes naturally to me. It has not taken a great effort to perform the work of these magical songwriters,” Iglesias told dpa in an interview.

The album has taken a year and a half, and he says it will be his last studio album. He has recorded a total of 80 albums and is well known around the world.

Iglesias bases his success on just one factor: his audiences.

“People remember. They are with you, they are with your music. If we artists had the key to spanning a generation, three or four generations, and there was a formula, I would have written it down and sold it for a fortune by now,” he said.

“I think the key is the passion that you transmit to people, how they understand what you are saying, how they feel it.”

Iglesias may not be planning more studio albums, but he wants to keep performing.

“[I want to] keep telling people – live – that my soul belongs to them and that their souls join mine. That is what makes an artist,” he said.

Beyond that, he wants to “live intensely” and enjoy his life’s great gift: “the privilege of singing.”

“My plans are about letting circumstances move their way and moving with them. I don’t believe in fate nor in deterministic theories. I believe in a human being’s circumstances. If that should take me to keep singing 100 years from now, I will keep singing until 100 years from now,” he said.

Iglesias cannot think of anything else to do. What would he want to do if he had more spare time?

“Sing. What else could I do? Fish don’t cheer, I would not like to go fishing. I would just like to keep singing and singing,” he admitted.

“I don’t know how to live without singing.”

In his youth, Iglesias had another passion: football. In 1962, just before he turned 19, a car accident derailed his career with Real Madrid, where he played goalkeeper for the first team. And he still follows his old team.

“If you ask me what my sport is, football is my sport,” he said.

“It is inside me, I love it.”

And he likes Real Madrid’s greatest star right now, Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s not easy to be good-looking and to play football well. It’s not easy to have the willpower he has to train, to be strong, to be sharp before goal, and at the same time to hear people say, ‘Oh, but he is so handsome,'” said Iglesias.