Koala survives 100-kph ride stuck in car’s front grille


A koala struck by a car in southern Australia got wedged in the vehicle’s front grille and survived a 100-kph ride to the driver’s home, it was reported Thursday.

The koala was left with only a few grazes and a bad temper, South Australia Fauna Rescue told the broadcaster ABC.

Driver Loren Davis of Adelaide told ABC she knew she had hit a koala and stopped her car, but could not see the animal in the dark.

She then drove the 10 kilometres home and parked her car in the garage.

But when she walked round to inspect the damage to her car, the koala was still sticking out of the front.

The marsupial soon managed to pull itself out of the grille, and was later picked up by Don Bigham, an animal rescue volunteer and koala hotline operator whom she had called for advice.

After a few days of observation the koala will be returned to the wild, Bigham told ABC.