Lebanese patents potato kebab for Germany’s huge doner market


Oldenburg, Germany (dpa) – A Lebanese fast-food stall owner in the northern German city of Oldenburg has come up with a part-potato doner kebab as a serious business proposition, but also as a response to anti-Muslim sentiment in the country.

The inspiration came to Hani Alhay when he saw on television a poster held aloft during a demonstration by the anti-Islamic Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA), which was formed last year in Dresden.

“Potatoes instead of doners,” the placard read.

Alhay said his part-potato doner – for which he declined to provide the recipe – was conceived as “multicultural food for the stomach.”

“Together they taste even better,” he says, adding that the kebabs are proving a hit with his customers.

He has had his idea registered at the national patents office in Munich.

Doner kebabs, introduced by Germany’s large Turkish minority, are on sale throughout the country and have become a symbol of the country’s increasingly multicultural society.