Malaysia summons China’s ambassador over alleged offensive comments


Kuala Lumpur (dpa) – Malaysia summoned China’s ambassador over allegedly offensive comments made in a racially charged political conflict, the Foreign Ministry said Sunday.

The ministry said it asked Ambassador Huang Huikang for a meeting Monday to clarify statements he made in a predominantly Chinese district of Kuala Lumpur late last week.

“During the visit, he was interviewed by the media and subsequent media statements resulting from that interview have attracted attention and caused concern to the Malaysian public,” the ministry said.

The ambassador’s statement that Beijing would not tolerate violent demonstrations in Malaysia was seen as a veiled threat during a time of increasing racial tension.

The capital’s Petaling district is a target of protests by ethnic Malays expressing dissatisfaction over Chinese Malaysian traders.

“The Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism,” Huang was quoted as saying.

Huang allegedly warned that Beijing would regard such incidents as damaging to bilateral relations.

Some Malays believe ethnic Chinese are leading opposition pressure on Prime Minister Najib Razak to resign over corruption allegations.

Security was tightened in central Kuala Lumpur over the weekend amid threats by ethnic Malays to hold demonstrations.

Malaysia’s population of 30 million consists of 67.4 per cent Malays and indigenous communities, 24.6 per cent Chinese, 7.3 per cent Indians and 0.7 per cent others, according to the Department of Statistics.