Migrants crossing over to Hungary at Baranjsko Petrovo Selo


Even though Hungarian authorities on Sunday increased military presence at the border crossing of Beremend on the border with Croatia and put a steel door at the crossing, later in the afternoon they started letting in buses with refugees arriving from Tovarnik, eastern Croatia, sources at the Croatian Police Directorate said.

On Friday refugees were allowed to enter Hungary via this border crossing and were taken from there further on to Austria, however, doubts arose today as to whether Hungarian authorities would continue to let them through when the steel door was put at the crossing.
Croatian police said that the passage of refugees on the Croatian side, at the Baranjsko Petrovo Selo border crossing, and their reception on the Hungarian side functioned normally for now.
The Ministry of the Interior said that around 1,600 migrants had left Tovarnik for the border with Hungary today. Their transport to the border is organised.
A tent camp was being built at Opatovac near Ilok today to accommodate migrants arriving at Tovarnik and provide them with more humane conditions. They will stay at the camp for 48 hours at the most, after which they will be transported to the border.
Since the beginning of the migrant crisis in Croatia last Wednesday, slightly less than 27,000 refugees have entered the country and the influx at Tovarnik is expected to continue to be large, police sources said.