Minister says new reception centres for migrants being built in Trilj and Tovarnik

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told reporters on Thursday that money from the Schengen fund was being used to build reception centres in Trilj and Tovarnik, each centre with a capacity of receiving approximately 100 people.

“The construction started after we received the money from the European Union, however these centres are only part of the system,” Ostojic said, adding that these centres would not resolve the problem of refugee waves. The centres could be completed by the end of the year.

Asked how long people will be able to stay there, the minister said as long as necessary or until the procedure ends.
Asked if Croatia would be expected to receive more than 550 refugees, the minister said he did not notice that the number of refugees was increasing.
“Everybody is talking about a refugee wave going through Croatia, but there is nobody here yet,” Ostojic said, adding that the number of migrants who entered Croatia this year through the border with Serbia was down 77% compared to the first six months 2014.