Minister says water prices won’t go up


The consolidation and rationalisation of the water management sector are necessary and that reform will be carried out, but there will be no increase in water prices in the coming period, Agriculture Minister Tihomir Jakovina said on Wednesday at an event commemorating the establishment of the Hrvatske Vode water management company.

Jakovina made the statement when asked by reporters to comment on claims that the planned merging of water supply companies would lead to higher water prices in smaller towns, such as Velika Gorica, whose authorities have said that they will oppose the planned consolidation.
“Consolidating and rationalising the water management sector is necessary and that reform will be prepared well and carried out,” Jakovina said, adding that the 160 water supply companies was too big a number for Croatia.
All projections that have been done show that a new water supply system will ensure balanced prices and that they will be either lower for households or the same as now, but the service will be much better, said Jakovina. That means a much easier and better implementation of major projects, more rational systems and additional savings, he added.
Asked when the consolidation of water management companies would start, the minister said that “bills have been prepared, a public debate has been held with a large number of constructive remarks put forward that will be incorporated in the final bill.”
Jakovina said that Hrvatske Vode had carried out all planned projects and that he hoped the positive trends would continue. He said that the company would have close to 1.3 billion euros of EU funds at its disposal in the next seven-year period and was hopeful that the company would know how to use the funds.
Hrvatske Vode CEO Ivica Plisic said the company was up to date with the safest and most modern trends, adapted to new requirements and continually upgraded the water management system.