Miro Kovac says PM not managing migrant crisis


The international secretary of the opposition HDZ party said on Monday that the contrasting information about the construction of a refugee reception centre near Dubrovnik showed that Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic was not in control of the migration situation.

“Milanovic is showing that he’s not in control of the system, he’s working ad hoc, without plan and amateurishly,” Miro Kovac told reporters, recalling that Milanovic said earlier today that there would be no refugee reception centre in the Dubrovnik area, only to transpire later “that preparations have been made for the construction of that reception centre.”
The State Protection and Rescue Administration has instructed that state-owned facilities on the Prevlaka peninsula near Dubrovnik be prepared in case of need, but its head, Jadran Perinic, said this did not necessary have to be for refugees. He was responding to Hina’s request for a comment on Milanovic’s statement that there would be no refugee reception centre in the Dubrovnik area and that the story that migrants would start coming there was a hoax by those spreading panic in Croatia.
Asked when the HDZ would recommend to the president to call parliamentary elections, Kovac said “the sooner, the better, given the crisis the country is in.” (Hina)