Number of refugees in east Croatian border town reaches nearly 200


The number of refugees arriving in the eastern Croatian town of Tovarnik on the Croatia-Serbia border has been rising since early Wednesday morning, and just before the noon, some 180 migrants were being on the premises of the local police station for registration.

The total closure of the Hungarian border (with Serbia) on Tuesday led to re-routing of refugees from Serbia towards the border with Croatia, the local police spokesman, Domagoj Dzigumovic, said in Tovarnik on Wednesday.
All people entering Croatia have been registered in accordance with the Croatian laws and European Union directives, he said adding that assistance has been provided for vulnerable groups, primarily for women, pregnant women and children.
Staff and volunteers of the Croatian Red Cross are providing the arriving refugees with water supplies, food and hygienic necessities.
Some migrants are trying to cross from Serbia into Croatia through cornfields and orchards in an attempt to avoid official border crossings and their registration. The Croatia police are taking all such refugees they notice for registration at adequate premises.
The local police will hold a news conference at 1500 hrs today.
Upon the registration in Tovarnik, refugees are being bussed to Sisak and Kutina, central Croatia, where they will be accommodated in the police-run facilities. In those places, refugees will be able to decide whether they want to apply for asylum in Croatia or whether they want some other solutions.