One millionth visitor to Plitvice National Park


The Plitivice National Park welcomed its millionth visitor this year on Wednesday, 18 days earlier than last year.

Two British tourists on their first visit to Croatia bought two tickets to the park, one being the millionth this year and were welcomed by Environment and Nature Protection Minister Mihael Zmajlovic and the park’s director, Natalija Bozicevic, who presented them with gifts.
“The millionth visitor whom we welcomed at the Plitvice National Park today, some 20 days earlier than last year, is an indicator that our protected areas can significantly contribute to tourism and the development of local communities and the regions they are located in. Last year, 1.2 million guests visited the park and this year we have recorded a growth in the number of visitors by 53.7% in the shoulder season,” Zmajlovic said.
He recalled that over the past three years around 400 million kuna had been invested for infrastructure projects in protected areas. Further projects valued at HRK 550 million are in being prepared and will apply for EU funding.