Only 20 refugees have remained in Zagreb


Only about 20 of the refugees brought from the border with Serbia to Zagreb have remained in the capital, police sources said on Sunday afternoon.

There are currently no refugees in the Porin Hotel in Zagreb’s neighbourhood of Dugave and at the reception centre at Jezevo and only a few have remained at the Zagreb Trade Fair Centre, Red Cross Croatia spokeswoman Katarina Zoric said.
Refugees at Jezevo are boarding buses that will take them to the border crossing of Gorican on the border with Hungary and only about 20 refugees have remained in Zagreb, said the Ministry of the Interior.
The Croatian Red Cross continues collecting water, food and toiletries for the refugees.
Zoric said that around 200 volunteers were on the ground in Zagreb, that new volunteers were approaching the Red Cross offering help and that the response of the public in collecting assistance was good.
Earlier in the day, Croatian Railway reported that railway traffic toward Slovenia, Hungary and Serbia had been suspended following notifications from the Slovenian and Hungarian railway operators about the cancellation of trains bound for Croatia.