Opposition leader says HDZ 12-14 pct ahead of SDP

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Tomislav Karamarko said on Friday that the results of the latest public opinion poll showing that the ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP) was now only two percent behind the HDZ were a forgery and that the HDZ was between 12 and 14 percent ahead of the SDP.
Asked by the press to comment on Promocija Plus agency’s monthly survey of social and political preferences, under which the SDP’s left-wing coalition is only 2% behind the HDZ’s right-wing, the opposition leader said he was “the wrong person to comment” on the results.
“I have been commenting on them for three years, pointing out that the results are forged. I don’t know who these people will work with in a functional society when we come to power. Therefore, the difference between us is 12 to 14%,” Karamarko said in Drnis.
He reiterated that the best polls were on election day, saying the HDZ had been winning for three and a half years and would also do so in the coming parliamentary election.
Asked to comment on recent economic growth figures for which the government has been taking credit, Karamarko said, “What’s growing? The economy is growing? How much have we paid for this economy to grow? How much have we borrowed in these years? They indebted your grandchildren and mine.”