Orban says Hungary to set up fence on border with Croatia if necessary

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned in Brussels on Thursday that his country could erect a fence along the border with Croatia as well in case of an increased influx of migrants and refugees from that country.
The Hungarian PM made the statement at a news conference held at the end of his visit to Brussels, where he held talks with leaders of European institutions.
Orban has been under criticism for setting up a razor wire fence along Hungary’s 175-kilometre-long border with Serbia, and now he says that he is ready to erect such a fence on the border with Croatia as well, if it proves to be necessary.
He also said that Hungary did not want to receive a large number of Muslims.
I think that we have a right not to want a large number of Muslims in our country. We don’t like the consequences, he said, referring to the 150-year-long Ottoman rule in Hungary in the 16th and 17th centuries.
The EU has been faced with the biggest migrant crisis since the end of World War II.
The European Commission is therefore preparing a new proposal for the distribution of 120,000 migrants from Greece, Italy and Hungary among all EU member-countries. The draft proposal should be officially presented by EC President Jean-Claude Juncker in an address on the state of affairs in the EU in the European Parliament on September 9.
 The total number of refugees who have arrived in Greece and Italy and are now to be distributed among EU member-states has risen to 160,000.
The criteria for their distribution are expected to be the same as those applied in the case of a previous quota of 40,000 people.
There is no consensus among the member-states on the matter and so far, they have managed to agree on the distribution of 32,000 people. Compulsory quotas for the reception of refugees are especially being opposed by central and eastern European countries while Germany and France advocate such quotas.