Orban tells Vucic Hungary to send army troops to border

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Thursday informed his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic that his country had plans to pass a law that would enable the deployment of army patrols along the border with Serbia, the Belgrade electronic media reported, quoting the Hungarian news agency MTI.
Orban spoke with Vucic on the telephone from Brussels about the current crisis caused by a large-scale migration on the Serbian and Macedonian borders, the Belgrade media reported, quoting Orban’s press office head Bertalan Havasi. Havasi said that Orban had told Vucic about work on a new law on border checks, which would soon be adopted by the parliament and which would make it possible to deploy big police and army units on the border with Serbia as of September 15.
Migrants and people smugglers are expected to look for new transit routes to bypass Hungary, Orban told Vucic, underlining that the neighbouring countries would have to prepare for that situation.