Osijek County Prefect insists on his innocence


Osijek County head Vladimir Sisljagic, who is charged with having demanded of companies that received grants from the county in 2011 and 2012 to repay him most of the funds in cash, thus defrauding the county budget of more than HRK 120,000 (approx. EUR 16,000), said on Thursday that he had performed his duty of the County Prefect conscientiously, thus denying allegations of his involvement in abuse of office and embezzlement.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that Croatia’s Serious Fraud Office (USKOK) had completed an investigation and issued an indictment against Osijek County head  Sisljagic, as well as against the head of the Osijek County Development Agency and the Osijek County Department for Economy and Regional Development, Martin Marolin, and a former chair of the County Council, Zlatko Maksimovic, who has already been given a conditional sentence for abusing his powers and taking bribes.
Sisljagic’s lawyer Radan Kovac told reporters that his client insisted on his innocence and during a preliminary investigation he had already dimissed all the charges.