Parliament to be dissolved at regular session starting Sept 16

Parliament will be dissolved at a regular session to begin on September 16, it was said in parliament on Wednesday.
According to a current plan, MPs will regularly sit for two weeks but the session might be extended for a few more days, depending on the number of bills on the agenda, Hina was told. Parliament is therefore expected to be dissolved at the end of September or in early October. As usual before a dissolution, the wish is to adopt a few more laws, Hina learned.
Parliament will convene for an extraordinary session next week, on September 8-11, at the government’s request, so that MPs can vote on bills of amendments to laws on welfare, excises, and the financing of local government, a consumer bankruptcy bill, and a bill on renewable energy.
Under the constitution, a parliamentary election is held within 60 days of a parliament’s dissolution or end of its term. The election is called by the president.