PM expects new gov’t to be formed in December


Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Monday he expected parliament to be dissolved by the end of this month and a stable new government to be formed in December.

He told the press in Dubrovnik that parliament decided on its dissolution and that a decision would be made later this month. He said parliament would begin a regular session “after September 15” and then be dissolved.
“The election will be very soon, after which one will seek a majority in parliament so that a stable government can be established,” he said, confident that “a government which will continue the work and put Croatia firmly on its feet” will be formed in December.
Responding to questions, Milanovic said he would not attend consultations with President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic before the parliamentary election.
He would not comment on announcements that she would temporarily move her office to Vukovar in October, saying only that she was entitled to do so. “We are dealing with concrete, hard, difficult matters and the president… If she feels this is something that will make things in Croatia better, then fine.”
Milanovic said the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS), a junior partner of the incumbent ruling coalition, had a place in a new coalition, on which an agreement is to be signed tomorrow, even if the IDS ran in the election on its own.
“We will work together after the election any way,” he said, adding that if the IDS signed the agreement, the new coalition might win a few more seats. “We haven’t fought over anything… If the IDS runs independently, I see no problem. We have achieved a lot together.”
Milanovic said that before being dissolved, parliament would discuss a bill on Swiss franc loans as well as legislation aimed at reducing energy costs for poor people.
Asked if the incumbent ruling coalition, called Kukuriku, would be renamed, he said there was no need and that it could be called anything. “The Homeland Coalition, for example.”