PM says coalition agreement practically hammered out

Prime Minister and Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic told reporters in Ludbreg on Friday that a coalition agreement for the coming parliamentary election was practically finalised and that it would be signed in the coming days when all partners “find time” that is convenient for everyone, adding that the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) would join the coalition before or after the elections.
IDS is currently a junior partner in the SDP-led governing four-party coalition.

Asked if a coalition formed by Ivo Josipovic’s Forward Croatia party and Radimir Cacic’s Reformists was a serious competition to the SDP-led coalition, Milanovic said there was always a competition.

“There is also competition among the right-wing parties. Some were stars among right-wing parties a year ago and now they are running on their own. We are here. The IDS will be with us before or after the election, it makes no difference. There is even a question what is better for us mathematically,” Milanovic said adding that he was pleased to announce ‘happy news’  — there will be elections.
Regarding the date of the election, the PM said it was up to the president to decide on that, and that it was not his place tell the president which date to choose.
The president has a legal constitutional framework within which she needs to pick one Sunday. This is not a dilemma, Milanovic said.
Asked if he would take part in consultations on the election date, Milanovic said that under the Constitution he did not have to.