Preparatory hearing for Sanader’s retrial to start Monday

 A preparatory hearing for the re-trial of former Croatian prime minister Ivo Sanader in the Hypo and INA-MOL cases has been scheduled for onday and the case will once again be tried by Zagreb County Court President Ivan Turudic, whose previous ruling against Sanader has recently been quashed by the Constitutional Court.
Sanader’s defence however reminds that while explaining its decision to quash the ruling against Sanader, who was sentenced to eight and a half years imprisonment for war profiteering in the ‘Hypo Bank’ graft case and for taking a bribe from the Hungarian MOL oil company, the Constitutional Court recommended that a retrial be held before a new panel of judges.
Judge Turudic however told the press there was no reason for him not to be the presiding judge in Sanader’s retrial.
Sanader’s lawyers said they had doubts about the judge’s objectivity, saying they would ask that Turudic be exempt.