Refugees now arriving through hilly areas in easternmost Croatia

A rising number of refugees began entering Croatia via the hilly areas of Bapska, easternmost Croatia, local police reported on Tuesday.
Between 1,000 and 2,000 migrants and refugees who arrived in Croatia from Serbia registered in the Opatovac refugee reception centre in the night between Monday and Tuesday, causing minor jams at the reception centre where refugees keep arriving.
There are approximately 2,500 migrants in the centre at any time. Previously, the authorities did not expect migrants arriving through the Bapska region given that this area is hilly and not as easily accessible as the route through Tovarnik.
Migrants and refugees keep arriving through Tovarnik from where they are heading towards the Hungarian and Slovenian borders on trains. This morning alone 11 trains with refugees and migrants departed towards Botovo.
The Slovenian police said the situation at the Bregana and Harmica border crossings has been stabilised but that Slovenian authorities were still on alert due to a possible arrival of a larger wave of refugees. According to the Slovenian media, Slovenia expects Croatia not to uncontrollably send a large number of refugees and migrants to Slovenia, as was the case on Friday and Saturday, and expect up to 3,000 people at the most to arrive at the Bregana border crossing in coming days in an attempt to reach Austria and Germany.
The Slovenian police reception centre in Brezice is currently completely empty and is ready to receive new refugees and migrants if necessary.
The situation at Austrian border crossings in Burgenland on Tuesday was peaceful while nearly 10,000 refugees entered the country from Hungary on Monday. According to the border police, 9,900 migrants entered Austria over the Nickelsdorf and Heiligenkreuz border crossings from which they headed to other Austrian towns and then other western European countries.