Services provided by Croatian companies stagnate


Croatian citizens are currently happy the most with the service provided by the private health sector while services by other companies has remained at the same level as five years ago, a survey conducted by Icertias shows.

The Zagreb branch of the Swiss-based Icertias company conducted a web survey on a sample of 2,400 people concerning the level of services provided by companies in Croatia.
“Do you think that the level of services offered by companies in Croatia to its clients is better or worse than five years ago?” was the question to which 36.3% of the respondents said that services were at the same level, while 35.6% said that services were better and 28.1% said that services were worse.
This means that service providers in Croatia still have room to improve in order to differentiate themselves compared to their competition. It will be interesting to see how consumers react in the next five years. Companies have to invest in training their employees so that they offer better relations with their clients, Icertias director Robert Slavecki said.