Situation at Slovenia-Croatia border going back to normal

Things at the border crossings of Bregana-Obrezje  and Harmica-Rogulica at the Croatia-Slovenia frontier are going back to normal after they saw a large influx of migrants and refugees in the recent days, the Slovenian media reported on Tuesday morning, and an extraordinary meeting of the Slovenian parliament, previously set for Tuesday, is shifted to Wednesday.
The Slovenian Oppostion, which requested the seassion on all aspects of the ongoing migrant crisis, has agreed to the postponement of the meeting for one day.
The Slovenian police have reported that the things are going back to normal at the above-mentioned border crossings on Tuesday morning. Nevertheless. the authorities are still  at a high level of preparedness. Slovenia expects some 3,000 migrants in the coming days to pass over Bregana-Obrezje on their way to Austria and Germany.
Slovenian Finance Minister Dusan Mramor said that the government had set aside from the budget provisions EUR 5.8 million for migration crisis management in 2015.
Transport by rail between Croatia and Slovenia has been still suspended, causing damage to the local economy.