Slovenia expects Croatia to control border, is against corridor for refugees


Slovenian Interior Minister Vesna Gyorkos Znidar said on Wednesday that it was difficult to expect when the migrants who had entered Croatia could appear on the Slovenian border and that she was against organising corridors through Croatia and Slovenia so they could reach Austria and Germany.

“At this moment it’s difficult to say exactly how many refugees could arrive in Slovenia and when. We expect of Croatia to really control our inter-state border and respect European Union rules,” she told Slovenian Television.
She said that Croatia, which is not in the Schengen Area like Slovenia, had the same obligations as Slovenia with regard to refugees and that she expected Croatia to abide by the obligations and accept asylum requests from those seeking it. She said the control regime under Schengen rules would not be changed towards Croatia and that Slovenia would not increase police numbers along the border.
As for humanitarian corridors whereby refugees would be directed towards Austria and Germany, their desired destinations, which, according to Slovenian media, she discussed with Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic, Gyorkos Znidar said this was not discussed. Such corridors or a spontaneous and mass bringing of refugees to the border would be in contravention of the European acquis, she said.
As for measures along the border with Hungary, she said that as of Thursday Slovenian authorities were stepping up control but that this did not mean that the border was closed. She said Slovenia would not return to Hungary the refugees who entered Slovenia from Hungary illegally if they did not wish that or if Hungary did not want to take them back, although it should based on a readmission agreement.