Split top destination on Adriatic, says tourism minister

Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin said on Wednesday that the southern coastal town of Split was the top Adriatic destination and that it needs to develop further to become a leading destination on the Mediterranean.
Noting that Split was to be awarded with the ‘Champion of Tourism’ award, Lorencin underscored that this was evidence that it is on the right path as far as tourism is concerned.
“It needs to continue developing and become a leading destination on the Mediterranean and not just the Adriatic. Progress has been noticed in marketing and promotion, tourism infrastructure and raising the level of activities, with particular emphasis on improving the gastronomy in the town,” Lorencin told reporters in Split where he was accompanying Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic along with other ministers.
Lorencin reiterated that estimates of revenue from tourism were expected to be eight billion euros this year. In the first quarter, a jump of 14% in consumption was recorded in comparison with last year.  He told reporters that Split could do with 5,000 more beds as tourism had grown in the town and this year the millionth bed night was recorded two months earlier than last year, at the end of August.
Asked whether the state would assist the town to renovate the bus terminal, Lorencin said that he believed the town could managed to do this on its own. What the town needs is a tourism spot which would be the first contact point for tourists where they can obtain relevant information about the town, he said.