Strike in schools continues, new negotiations Tuesday

Employees in the primary, secondary and higher education and scientific institutions will continue to be on strike on Tuesday when negotiations between trade unions and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports will continue, a news conference heard on Monday.
“Tomorrow will will try to offer a solution, I don’t know if it will be acceptable to trade unions,” Science, Education and Sport Minister Vedran Mornan said.
The strike started in Croatia’s schools, universities and research institutions on Friday, organised by four unions seeking a four percent salary increase for employees.
According to figures provided by the ministry in 590 elementary schools in Croatia 42.98% of the staff took part in the industrial action, while in 455 high schools the turnout was 38.36%. Unions however, claim that the turnout was event higher than on Friday and that in elementary schools it was 85% and 75% in high schools.