1 in 6 unemployed Croats find job in Q2


About one in six persons unemployed in Croatia moved into employment in the second quarter of 2015, the latest report released on Monday by Eurostat notes.

Around 16.3% of those unemployed in Croatia found jobs in Q2, the latest labour market flow statistics collected by Eurostat indicate. The report of labour market flows shows the movements of individuals between employment, unemployment, and economic inactivity.

Among those EU member states with similar movement of the unemployed into employment in Q2 as recorded in Croatia are Ireland (16.4%), Italy (16.1%) and Poland (15.8%).

The highest percentage of unemployed finding jobs was in Denmark (38.4%), Sweden (29.6%) and Estonia (29.2%). The lowest percentages were recorded in Greece (8.6%) and Bulgaria (10.7%).

Around 4.1 million people in 26 EU member states (Germany and Belgium were not included in the survey) found jobs in the period between April and June or 18.6%, while 3.7 million or 16.8% moved towards economic inactivity in Q2, Eurostat reported.

Around 2.2 million citizens or 1.3% became unemployed.