Average Croat saves 60 euros a month for rainy day


Nearly 80 percent of Croatian citizens realise the importance of saving, for which they set aside 452 kuna a month on average, the main motive being the creation of a financial back-up in case of emergency, according to the findings of a survey on saving habits in Croatia released by Erste bank on Tuesday.

The survey, commissioned by Erste and conducted by IMAS agency, covered 500 respondents. It shows that 90 percent of respondents save for a rainy day, 29% for minor or major shopping and renovations, and 24% for old age.

Citizens aged 30-49 save the highest monthly amount (548 kuna), while those aged 15-29 save the least (391 kuna). Those above 50 save 395 kuna a month on average.

Only 17% of citizens keep their savings at home and 41% opt for classic savings, followed by life insurance, building societies, investment funds, and voluntary pension funds.
(EUR 1 = HRK 7.6)