Azimov: Russians want to invest in Croatia


Russian companies want to invest in Croatia, Russian Ambassador Anvar Azimov said during a meeting with senior officials of Sisak-Moslavina County and the County Chamber of Commerce in Sisak on Tuesday.

“Croatia’s membership of the European Union and NATO is not an obstacle to us,” Azimov said, adding that Russian consumes appreciated Croatian medicines, textile and leather products, apples, mandarins and fish products.

Azimov said that Russia had lost its earlier position in trade with Croatia and wanted to improve their economic relations. “Our intention is to restore and improve relations in all areas. I am certain that Russia can do something good and positive for your county so that it reduces unemployment and deals with social problems more successfully,” the ambassador said, adding that he is glad that Russian experts have been hired at the Sisak thermal power plant.

The head of Sisak-Moslavina County, Ivo Zinic, said that there was a possibility for cooperation, which he said used to be exemplary. He said that the cooperation was now difficult because of EU sanctions imposed on Russia, but added that time would come when the sanctions would be lifted and that they should be ready for that.

“We can offer Russians tourist destinations in Lonjsko Polje and Topusko and possibilities of investing in Topusko where we are looking for a strategic partner. Investments are also possible in energy and the metal and manufacturing industries, and we can sell our agricultural products in the Russian Federation,” Zinic said.

The Russian delegation also visited the Sisak thermal power plant, where Russians have just completed the construction of a third block based on a Yugoslav-era debt owed to Croatia. The new energy plant is now being tested by Russian experts.