Bill Cosby to give deposition in sex abuse suit


US comedian and actor Bill Cosby is set to testify under oath Friday in a civil lawsuit filed by a woman who has accused him of drugging and sexually molesting her when she was 15.

Judy Huth, now 57, said the attack happened at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in 1974. She filed suit against Cosby in December amid an outpouring of similar accusations by dozens of women against the former TV dad.

Since November, more than 40 and by some counts more than 50 women have publicly accused Cosby of sexual assault. Most have said the attacks took place after Cosby covertly slipped them knockout drugs. The alleged incidents span four decades since the mid-1960s.

Through his lawyers, Cosby, 78, has called Huth’s lawsuit “frivolous” and accused her of extortion. But a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge refused to throw out the case, so Cosby will have to answer lawyers’ questions about the alleged incident under oath.

Huth is scheduled to give testimony October 15. Both depositions will be sealed by court order until at least December 22.

The former Cosby Show star is facing three other lawsuits tied to the accusations.

On Tuesday, a 25-year-old woman filed a civil suit charging him with drugging and molesting her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Four other alleged victims sued him for defamation after Cosby, through his lawyers, called their accusations lies.

Cosby has never been charged with a crime.