Croatian police physically preventing illegal entry into country


Several thousand refugees and migrants are on the Serbian-Croatian border between Bekasovo and Bapska and Croatian police are preventing illegal border crossing and entry around Bapska through a defunct local border crossing, allowing around 50 migrants to enter the country every half hour.

According to some estimates around five thousand refugees and migrants are waiting in the border region near Berkasovo in Serbia. Croatian police are preventing illegal entry into the country however there are no law enforcement officers on the Serbian side of the border and the refugees and migrants have been left to their own devices.

Croatian police are standing shoulder to shoulder and physically preventing people from illegally entering the country and are directing them to the former local border check point.

There are but a few NGO volunteers, such as the Serbian Red Cross and the UNHCR, offering blankets, warm beverages, food and hygienic products. There are a few improvised tents erected but are insufficient protection in the current poor weather conditions.