Fence on Hungarian-Croatian border essentially finished, official says


The fence on the Hungarian-Croatian border is “99 percent finished,” Janos Lazar, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff, told journalists on Thursday, Reuters reported.

“The fence clearly deters the migrants,” Lazar said. “The security border closure (toward Croatia) is 99 percent finished. Whether we put it to use depends on international cooperation and talks.”

He said Hungary was “not indifferent” to the opinions of Austria and Germany, where the vast majority of migrants is headed, but those opinions should not block the closure of the border if Hungary decides to proceed with it. “Personally I think this (the closure) is inevitable.”

Hungary plans to have soldiers from its Visegrad Group partners help it protect the southern Schengen border with Croatia.

“The government has a plan to build a border closure on the Romanian border as well if one becomes necessary,” Lazar said.
He said it was quite conceivable that 600,000 illegal migrants arrived in Hungary by the end of the year. (Hina)