HDZ chief says Tomasic entitled to her opinion


Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief Tomislav Karamarko said in the central Adriatic city of Zadar on Tuesday that Ruza Tomasic was entitled to her own decisions and her future political path, adding, however, that it would be absurd to support the Zoran Milanovic government and once again rejected the idea of a face-off with Milanovic, saying that their platforms and not they needed to face off.

Asked to comment on a statement by Croatian Conservative Party president Ruza Tomasic about a possible situation in which her party would support Milanovic’s Social Democrats (SDP), Karamarko said, “Mrs Tomasic is entitled to her opinion and decisions and a future political path.”

“But over the past four years, the government has done nothing but ruin Croatia economically and demolish some of the fundamental values which modern Croatia is built on. To support the Zoran Milanovic government in that situation in my opinion is absurd,” Karamarko said.

Tomasic said on Monday she would support the SDP in case they needed someone, so as to prevent a repetition of the election which would cost “millions, which we don’t have”. (Hina)